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Once you sell on ANKA, you become a subscriber of ANKA and have access to the other services like shipping, personal website or ANKA Pay payment link, etc.
You can also subscribe to ANKA and use the other services without selling on the ANKA marketplace.
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How does it work?

1. Create your shop for free

Add as many products as you want, simply and quickly.

2. The Buyer pays you online directly

You are alerted by email or Text and have 48 hours to confirm the order.
Or the Buyer is automatically refunded

3. You ship

Once the order confirmed, the amount is credited on your virtual wallet, minus the commission.
Or the Buyer is automatically refunded

4. You use the funds

You can proceed to wire transfer when you want and the account of your choice.

Ship everything anywhere in the world at incredible rates

using the ANKA DHL account for your shipments. Thanks to the shipping volume generated by all of the creators, you can use DHL at a reduced rate. The more you ship with the ANKA DHL account, the more we can negotiate reduced prices, and the more you save on shipping costs.

It works for all your shipments
You can ship all your packages, even those which do not come from orders placed on ANKA (other websites or physical orders).

No need to travel, save time
In your ANKA space, you can generate a packing slip and ask an agent to come and pick up your package wherever you are.

Collect your payments for free, from your website and your social networks

For your wholesale, personalized orders and outside ANKA, simply generate a ANKA Pay link to send to your client, using Facebook, Whatsapp, email or ANKA messaging.

After receiving the link, your client is directed to a payment page, and can use all payment methods.

We take no commission on this service.

Retrieve your money easily

The funds from your sales are permanently available in your ANKA virtual portfolio.

As soon as you wish, you can transfer this money in 4 ways:

  • Transfer to your bank account
  • Transfer your Paypal account
  • Transfer in cash with Western Union

Request a custom debit card to withdraw your funds or make payments.

A team dedicated to your success

ANKA is at your disposal to help develop your activity

  • Personalized support to sell more.
  • You have ANKA customer support at all times.
  • Tools that allow you to monitor the performance of your store.


Take advantage of the exposure to our hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks, subscribers to our newsletters and monthly visitors ... for free!


Thanks to the many tools, save time in order management and sales volumes by determining the right price for your products!

Save money

Pay only if you sell. You only pay if you sell, regardless of the number of products and under the following conditions


At ANKA there are two possible billing systems. Each shop will be billed according to two criteria.

If you make less than 2000 € or 20 sales per month:

  • A monthly subscription of 10 euros will be offered to take advantage of all the services available on ANKA. The amount is deducted from your virtual wallet, when using the services available on ANKA.
  • A commission of 5 or 8% for sales on the marketplace.
  • You can save money by choosing a formula over several months:
  • Growth
    6 MONTHS 50€ instead of 60€
    1 month free
  • Ambitious
    12 MONTHS 100€ instead of 120€
    2 month free
  • Starter
    3 MONTHS 30€

If you make more than 2000 € or 20 sales per month:

  • A commission of 10 or 15% for sales on the marketplace.
  • Access to other available services like DHL or ANKA Pay is free.

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