Afro & Nature is a Senegalese brand created by 2 young sisters in 2015. The b... Read more

Afro & Nature is a Senegalese brand created by 2 young sisters in 2015. The brand distributes and transforms natural body and hair care products with ingredients mainly from Senegal, Africa but also from all over the world. It's a great brand with a strong community. Afro et Nature is first and foremost a family business, which today has around twenty employees spread over four beauty and care oases in Dakar and Saly, in addition to our laboratory where our products are developed. We therefore manufacture and market compositions: cream, milk, shampoo, mask, moisturizing spray, serum, scrub..., natural vegetable oils: baobab, watermelon, hibiscus, sesame, moringa, neem, castor,..., accessories for hair (wax bandanas, hats, brushes etc). For us, quality and customer service are paramount. We maintain a close relationship with our customers and frequently receive extremely positive reviews of our products. Our products are used to care for frizzy, curly, frizzy, smooth skin and hair; for men, women and children. In our spaces opened respectively in February 2018, then in June 2019, April 2020 and April 2022, you will find a professional, warm, attentive, welcoming, respectful and gentle team to pamper you and sublimate you in a pleasant setting or the Hygiene standards are strict and the atmosphere peaceful and relaxing. We offer various services Beauty and hair care Professional hair routine subscription Beauty and care of hands & feet Make-up Installation and extensions locks

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