Alakondre= all countries This word comes from my original roots in Surinam... Read more

Alakondre= all countries

This word comes from my original roots in Surinam, a small country on the top of South America above Brazil and between French and British Guyana.

The former Dutch colony of Surinam is a multicultural melting pot with African, Native Indian, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish influences.
The culture, therefore, is totally mixed as the beautiful array of people are.

I was raised with a lot of African and native Indian influence and culture background and was amazed by all the beautiful nature and products that come from my country and from the cultures.

Born and raised in the Netherlands it gave me the opportunity to travel easily to other countries and be amazed by all the things I discovered on my path.
Everything I encountered I took with me and got inspired to tell my stories in the way of making jewelry and accessories with accents of my travels around the world and the cultural background of my mixed origin.

I decided to move to Croatia for love of the country as it has a lot of nature and slow pace of living that we Surinam people really like and it gives me the freedom and peace to get inspired for bringing unique and original pieces of jewelry for the world to see and enjoy.

I love seeing people happy when they wear my creations and it is my way of bringing something of my culture for the whole world to love and enjoy!

We are packing all orders and making orders by requests too
thank you for your support and trust ❤️️
stay safe!
wish for better and healthy days
Love <3

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