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It all began in 2005 with the creation of the Centre for Listening and Coaching for Sustainable Development, the CEEDD. (Non-profit organization). At the initiative of five women's groups engaged in the development of their community, the goal is to develop the capacity of Senegalese women for their empowerment. To achieve this ambitious goal, the actions are grouped around five areas of activities: Microcredit, Health, Micro Agriculture, Education and Crafts. This area began to emerge as one of the flagship activities of our association through the implementation of multi-annual training sessions in dyeing and sewing. The success of this program enabled the CEEDD to give a new dimension to this project and to create a social responsible company; Tradi-Trendy, and a brand of ready-to-wear; Assamane. The Tradi-Trendy company offers a market for our products 100% made in Senegal and handmade, dyed and sewn traditionally by women trained in the association, promoting the knowledge and skills Senegalese . Profits from sales allow us firstly to form new beneficiaries and eventually expand the areas of training women in marketing, entrepreneurship and business management, and secondly, to support other activities of the CEEDD to alleviate the dependence of the structure vis donors. Clothes that are produced by Assamane combine tradition and modernity; the aim being to promote local and traditional knowledge while following the trends of the current mode. These pieces are created by the company's beneficiaries; female school leavers who have been trained in the areas of dyeing and sewing to create the clothes that combine tradition and modernity.

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