"ATCHONOU" from Ewe, a language mainly spoken in the south of Togo, Benin and... Read more

"ATCHONOU" from Ewe, a language mainly spoken in the south of Togo, Benin and in certain parts of Ghana and Nigeria can be translated as: Elegance or Beauty. We are a brand specializing in the manufacture and distribution of natural and organic products derived from ancestral African knowledge, with the aim of restoring all its nobility to these products. Our flagship product is the shea nut, the trade of which is estimated to represent between 1.5 and 2 billion dollars per year in the West African region with several million women involved in its production providing important income for rural communities. . Our company therefore implements a small unit for the conservation and artisanal processing of shea butter into various cosmetic and edible products. We market not only pure, unprocessed, unrefined and undeodorized shea butter, but also other products resulting from its transformation, such as creams for body, hair and facial care, balms, oils and know, among others. We also plan to offer related services, such as training and development programs for shea producers, to help them improve their production practices and their quality of life. We also intend to develop tourist circuits to allow visitors to discover the local culture and traditions related to the production of shea in the regions concerned. Finally, we make it a point of honor to promote fair trade for women shea producers, in order to guarantee fair and equitable remuneration for their work.

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