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PLAY, LEARN AND CONNECT to your CULTURAL HERITAGE The Culturepedia project offers you a collection of playful, creative and educational CARD GAMES to perpetuate and transmit African cultural heritage ”. The NDOP, OBOM and TOGHU collections, inspired by the cultural diversity of African tribes, are the first creations of this series of personalized card games of a cultural nature. As a reminder, the NDOP is an original fabric of the GRASSFIELDS, the TOGHU a traditional fabric of the North-West and South-West, and the OBOM, a fabric made from the bark of trees of the Fang-Bétis peoples, all of the tribes in Central Africa. The card pack contains a total of 55 cards: 1 explanatory card, which presents the history of the fabric used in the background of the cards, and 54 standard cards used for the game. The contents of the game cards are very specific. All known figurines from classic card games have been deleted, and replaced by African cultural images and symbols, and explanatory and descriptive texts. Why this project? The disappearance of intangible cultural heritage is a real scourge on the African continent. Over the years, the need to pass on the cultural heritage to the younger generation, to connect with their origins and to reclaim their cultural identity is of paramount importance for the entire African community, and for its diaspora in particular. However, the means and supports to meet these needs are not sufficient. Solution CULTUREPEDIA offers a fun and innovative way to meet this need. The Game being the best way to learn, this first collection of MAP games will allow an immersion in the African cultural richness. It also highlights the splendor of African fabrics, a true cultural heritage of the continent. For these first three collections (NDOP, TOGHU and OBOM) available from September, special tribute is paid to the large groups of the FANG-BÉTI peoples and the GRASSFIELDS peoples in Cameroon. The games offered are in French and English.

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