The Nubian Princesses Dolls are tailored for all children with a special nod ... Read more

The Nubian Princesses Dolls are tailored for all children with a special nod to black girls by a team of young people and adults who understand the importance of self- representation by showing the different diverse African and Afro descent cultures around the world.

For this reason we selected the 5 areas of Africa, North, South, East, Central Africa and West Africa where our first African Doll Kiraa is represented.

Everything was carefully thought out, selected and drawn with the African Culture and tradition at the forefront of our minds when designing the facial features of the dolls.

From the design of the box to the logo and the colours, they were all detailed to convey proudness in our black girls to inspire and educate.

For the dolls the movable joints are designed to allow children to play with them, create shape and form using imagination. The doll and African style clothing can be washed.

The hair is versatile afro-hair style that can be treated, braided and plated. By interacting with the hair in this way children also learn how to take care of their own hair. This helps them to learn to love themselves and educate them on how to love and take care of their unique hair.

What motivates us to sale our Nubian Princesses Dolls?

We are passionate in helping girls understand themselves. It is our sense of obligation to help foster the new generation of black girls to self determination and power. To remove the sense of alienation To awaken their curiosity within what is already inside themselves.

The doll is fully safety tested with certifications.

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