Sound book Lullabies and Rhymes of Africa

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“Lullabies and Rhymes from Africa” is an interactive sound book for children aged 3 and up with 10 African songs featuring the culture of different countries. The nursery rhymes and lullabies have been selected with care and love to introduce children around the world to the wonders of the African continent. It is a channel that will encourage them to take an interest in their origins or allow them to open up to other universes. Discover with pleasure: Shosholoza (Zulu/South Africa) dawda sanneh (Mandingo/Gambia) Awonye Nakie (Adangbe/Ghana) Olele moliba makasi (Lingala/Congo DRC) Ayo nene (Ouolof /Senegal) Diarra loro lora (Dioula /Burkina Faso ) Tuti gbovi (Ewe/Togo) Iny hono izy ravorombazaha (Malagasy/Madagascar) Moja, mbili, tatu (Swahili/ Tanzania) Amina tolè (Ivory Coast) The songs have been lovingly selected to introduce children to the wonders of the continent African. We hope that the acquisition of this sound book represents a magical and educational experience for the whole family and especially young readers. We consider this book as a first of its kind, because we have chosen not to dissociate the audio support from the book itself. We therefore offer you a book that incorporates the sound aspect, which gives more autonomy to the child. Our main objective is for the child to be independent and free to leaf through his book and start the nursery rhymes that would please him. We are part of a dynamic of sustainability and fluidification of transmission. We decided to associate the oral with a physical support so that the loop is complete. We wanted to transmit a support that could have several degrees of reading and be lived in family. On the form, nursery rhymes, lullabies and illustrations allow everyone to enter through the door that suits them best. The themes addressed in the nursery rhymes are diverse and varied and are the pretext for transmitting, promoting, inculcating, values of life that are at the same time original, topical and universal. We chose to start with childhood because it is at this age that we learn the basics, the rudiments, that we engrave the first real memories, it is at this age that we open our minds to diversity and that we dream in all innocence. Nursery rhymes and lullabies are transmitted over the generations, so they crumble a little over the transmission. A word can be replaced by another, a context can differ depending on the geographical area. So be indulgent 🙂 the spirit is there let's live it. Features of the book: • 10 authentic African nursery rhymes and lullabies translated into French and English. • 20 pages + cover all in cardboard. • 1 interactive sound module included with durable buttons. • 3 long life replaceable batteries included. • Quality certifications Europe, North America.

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October 16, 2023
on Sound book...

Perfect !

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September 24, 2022
on Sound book...

Rapid dispatch !!! Very good product !!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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